The NORDEN collection is a beautiful series of jewelry with a perfect mix of elegance & rawness – having “Strength”, “Determination” & “Self-Esteem” engraved on the inside. The design and texture is inspired by the rawness of Nordic Nature, with it’s beautiful forests, rivers and fjells. It comes in Sterling Silver, Oxidised Sterling Silver, Gold plated, Rose Gold plated,  and Solid Gold. The Norden is our most sold collection, and it’s pieces will let you stand out in any occasion.


The ARKTIK collection is full of elegance, love, & ambition. The inspiration for both design & name comes from the two poles of the earth which in themselves represent strength, freedom, & balance. The collection comes in two variations: ANTARKTIS being the wider, & ARKTIS the less wide – just as the South pole is bigger than the North pole. The collection comes in both cuff bracelets & rings in solid 18k white gold or sterling silver. ARKTIK is our most acclaimed collection. It has been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, The Esquire, Harpers Bazaar & British GQ.


The Aurora Borealis was what sparked the design idea of the Aurora collection. This “Nordic Light” is created when the Earth’s magnetic field interacts with charged particles from the sun. Auroras are centered on the Earth’s magnetic poles in a circular region around them – one of these places is in the Nordics. The collection consists of Sterling Silver bracelets & necklaces in diamond cut chain, or leather.


The Halo Collection – taking inspiration from the always impressive sight of the Halo phenomena created through ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere together with high, thin, cirrus clouds making a shiny ring glow around the sun or the moon. The collection comes in both rings & bracelets in either sterling silver or oxidised sterling silver.


The VIGG design is inspired by the mighty Nordic Thunder and Lightning. The collection is all about Strength and Beauty just as Lightning strikes. VIGG comes in cuffs and signet rings, in Sterling Silver, Oxidised Sterling Silver, & Vermeil – Gold plated Sterling Silver.