The ARKTIK collection is full of elegance, love & ambition. The inspiration for both design & name comes from the two poles of the earth which in themselves represent strength, freedom, & balance. The collection comes in two variations: ANTARKTIS being the wider, & ARKTIS the less wide – just as the South pole is bigger than the North pole. The collection comes in both cuff bracelets & rings, in solid 18k white gold or sterling silver. ARKTIK is our most acclaimed collection, & has been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, The Esquire, Harpers Bazaar & British GQ.

TREEM offers jewelry with a design message – about strengthening Yourself for your own good, but also the world’s best. Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace you are looking for, in silver or gold, the design message is there. The design is inspired by Nordic Nature & passionate meetings. Get inspired by our collections to find the jewelry that gives you strength & determination – the world needs you in your best.

empowering design

All TREEM jewelry, rings, bracelets & necklaces, are unisex – for both men, women & couples, with a focus on being inspirational, sustainable & ethical. In true Nordic design, they are handmade in Sweden to be a unique, exclusive & beautiful jewelry with the ambition to inspire you to be an active & elegant ambassador of positive change.