Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

Timeless style – for a better future

Fall Fashion

This autumn’s trends call for a blend of feminine and elegant cuts mixed with the more androgynous and practically designed pieces. Together these make a perfect combination of feminine strength, elegance for the more exclusive outfits. Key fashion pieces for this season are blazers and skirts, elegant coats and comfortable suits inspired from the 1940s and their fashion trends. 


The 1940s is a period of time located in somewhat of a pause for fashion and the world, as the market was uncertain and people had stopped consuming as many things. What 1940’s was facing was not a worldwide pandemic, like today, but a worldwide war. However, it is quite similar to today’s situation, as the supply of new materials were limited it lead to a rationing of resources. Despite the difficulties of the situation, the fashion industry did not stop. The staple of this era instead focused on recycling and repurposing the favourites into new pieces that radiated a stylish simplicity and a strong and powerful silhouette. The consensus was to overcome the difficult time the world was facing together both with actions for sustainability, but also through style.

The beginning of this period was heavily affected by the war in many different ways. However, there was a major positive change for women during this time. While most of the men were out fighting in the war, women got a long-awaited opportunity to show what they are capable of, when they had to take over the jobs back home. This change also came with a change for women’s fashion, as their style now required to be more practical. Pants, suits, coats and even dresses were all designed to fit the new more practical, simple yet elegant fashion need, which created the 1940s fashion trends.

The upcoming fall trends - timeless female strength

Today we can see these fashion trends coming back as much of the upcoming autumn styles are characterized by taking their inspiration from the 40s. A style where elegance meets the more practical & androgynous. 

We at T R E E M love the autumn collections as they display female strength and elegance though the strong and powerful silhouette of the new designs. The combination with the history behind the inspiration, a time where women finally got the chance to step up & show what they are capable of, gives the style an aura that a woman’s strength is just as timeless as her style.

Be inspired to fight for change

Our A N T A R K T I S design stands for the same elegance, strength and willpower as these collections, and the ring’s ambition is to be a symbol that you can be the best version of yourself. This bold statement piece, not only is a symbol of strength and freedom but gives the classic look something extra, making your style timeless. 

The design wants to inspire a stronger sense of self-esteem, a driving force to break free from old stereotypes and destructive behaviours and make a difference for the greater good both in sustainability and equality. Let ANTARKTIS be a companion in your quest of True Elegance.

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