Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.



One of the most significant collections in T R E E M is the ARKTIK collection. In our True & Elegant Movement each collection, and piece, keeps a symbolism with a lot of meaning. The indescribable beauty of the North and South Poles being one, but not only that, they also hide in them the fight forthe Arctic areas long term perseverance .

The founder and designer of TREEM gives us a few words about how this feeling for the collection was born:
“There are so many things about the ARKTIK Collection. The first part is the love I myself have for the Polar areas. Magic places, that I hope to visit one day, when there is a sustainable way of getting there. They are such important areas for the whole world in it’s function, it is far away, mysterious and ancient. There are unique creatures from long ago frozen into the ice, and magical animals living there in the cold today. The connection between the North Pole, Arktis, and the South Pole, Antarktis is also unique. The love between them, sending streams of water across the whole world between them to make sure that the world has the right climate. So, when designing the ARKTIK Collection I primarily have this love in my thought. The one wearing the pieces carries this love with them. But we also have to help the Arctic regions – we have a world that fights for these regions, because there is oil and gas under those waters and icebergs. Egocentric leaders don’t care about the nature, animals, the climate, or the future of ourselves. The continued burning of fossil fuels stresses these Arctic regions, the icebergs fall apart. One leader chops down all the trees in the Amazonas, while another one wants to buy Greenland to drill it full of holes to get more oil and gas. This devastating situation is also a reason why I designed this collection – to empower and strengthen the wearer to stand up against pollution, over-consumption and other things harming these polar areas

When making the design – the Raw parts symbolise the rugged parts in the Arctic regions, but also the fight we need for their continued well-being. And the polished parts symbolise the fantastic scenery with icebergs and water, shiny and deep. This design brings the message “Love and Empowerment” – a strive for the better and a bright future.”

      – Carl-David Hagerbonn, designer


Our steps to keep expressing more than a piece of jewellery and our desire to empower you through our designs continues. We want to share this journey with you. That is why we have created the Antarktis Necklace.

A wonderful piece that enhances our ARKTIK collection. With the creation of this necklace we want to embrace the wonders hidden in the polar areas and our aim to preserve and protect the Antarctic.

We want to continue building our True & Elegant Movement, for this reason,  this piece is made for you, a design that represents a message of “Love & Empowerment”.⁠

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