Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

Design Inspiration

Raw Elegance

TREEM’s design language is described as “Raw Elegance.” The metal pieces are a combination of rough and smooth surfaces, each texture representative of strength and beauty, respectively. The idea for this unique composition came from two sources of inspiration: People and Nature. The intention of the design is to inspire strength and determination to create positive change.

The STARK Bracelet is a perfect example of the balance of Raw Elegance in TREEM’s jewellery. The STARK Bracelet consists of a metal double hammer and an Italian leather cord. One side of the double hammer is worked into a raw surface and only polished on the surface, while the other is finished and smooth. Due to the unique design of the bracelet, the wearer can decide whether they want to show the raw or smooth side of the metal piece, and has the ability to change it out at any time.

Clasped arms posing with a Halo bracelet.
The Power of People

TREEM Founder and Designer Carl-David Hagerbonn has traveled extensively around the world, and what stood out to him the most was the incredible people he met along the way. Hagerbonn was awed by personalities that combined elements of “rawness” and “elegance.” A person’s ability to face difficult situations with passion, strength and determination, while also remaining kind and positive is what impressed Hagerbonn the most. He wanted to reflect these qualities in the TREEM collections, as well as inspire others to embrace that sense of Raw Elegance in their own lives.

When something is raw it is to some extent imperfect, but it is honest and real with an addition of “getting to action”. Similarly, as humans we are flawed, but our flaws make us who we are. If you put aside feelings of fear, shame and guilt toward your imperfections, you are able to see them for what they are: part of Your True Self. At TREEM, we believe it is necessary to accept your true self in order to have the freedom to become your BEST self. That is why our jewellery reflects rawness as well as elegance, as a reminder to celebrate all aspects of life, both perfect and imperfect.

Sterling Silver Vigg amid fauna.
The Beauty of Nature

Born and raised in the Swedish countryside, Hagerbonn has developed a deep appreciation for nature, particularly in the Nordic region with its dramatic fjells, forests, sharp rivers and lakes. The contrast of jagged rocks and smooth waves, magnificent oak forests and soft green grass, or imposing mountaintops and lush valleys provide a natural setting of Raw Elegance. In addition to the incredible Nordic landscape, TREEM’s collections are also meant to emulate various natural phenomena. The Aurora Collection, for example, is inspired by the Aurora Borealis created by disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind. The result is a spectacular show of colorful light swimming across the night sky.

The Arktik Collection, Arktis and Antarktis.
Design Language

Raw Elegance is the defining visual characteristic of the True and Elegant Movement. Raw to impart a feeling of inner strength and Elegance to remind you to overcome challenges with a sense of grace and compassion. Every piece of TREEM jewellery will not only convey Raw Elegance to the world, but will also serve as a personal statement to live by.

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