The Norden bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry breathing strength, determination and self-esteem – which is also engraved on the inside. The design is raw and elegant – inspired by ancient Nordic Mythology. It comes in Sterling Silver, Oxidised Sterling Silver, Gold plated, Rose Gold plated,  and in Solid Gold. The Norden bracelet will let you stand out in any occasion.


The Arktik collection consists of “Arktis”, and “Antarktis”. The two bangle bracelets are filled with power and elegance. The inspiration to both design and name comes from the polar regions that represent strength, freedom and balance. Break free and make a difference for the greater good, let Arktik be a companion in your quest of True Elegance.


The Aurora bracelet is named after the Northern Light. It is a beautiful and classic bracelet with the raw elegance look that signifies the TREEM design and comes in solid gold, sterling silver and oxidised silver. The bracelet consists of a single or double lap of diamond cut chain, a tag with the TREEM logo, authenticity stamps, a T-bar and a hammer silhouette ring lock.


The Halo – a ring that stands out with it’s impressive 12 mm width and concave surface. The inspiration to the rings design comes from the phenomena at the sky where small ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere, together with high, thin cirrus clouds, create a shiny ring around the sun or the moon.


The VIGG design is inspired by the mighty Nordic Thunder and Lightning. A Bangle Bracelet showing Strenght and Beauty just as a Lightning does. VIGG comes in Sterling Silver, Oxidised Sterling Silver, Gold plated, Rose Gold plated and Solid Gold.