Our Story

Carl-David Hagerbonn left a long career in the finance industry
to challenge existing norms in an industry that needs to change.

The goal with The True and Elegant Movement – TREEM – was for it
to be a brand true all the way with a strong and passionate ambition, to create a sustainable and ethical brand with a design aiming at creating inner strength to the wearer, to in the long run create a positive difference not only to the wearer, but to the whole world.

The aim is to positively disrupt an industry that is unsustainable and relient on fast-fashion – instead TREEM wants to be a leader and inspirer for responsible and meaningful fashion & business at a whole. The company rests on three important pillars; sustainability, equality and good working conditions, three factors that 99% of the industry unfortunately doesn’t care about as per today.

The above – TREEM’s willpower – is shown in the “Raw Elegance” design language, with a sincere aim at bringing out the strength and determination to create positive change. “I have met many interesting people through my traveling and living in different countries, what strikes me is that their personality often is a combination of “rawness” and “elegance”. The passionate strength, determination and I-can-do-spirit is necessary to be able to succeed when something has to be changed – the rawness sparks this. But equally important is that you at the same time treat the people and situations you meet in as elegant, kind and positive of a way as possible – therefore our design language is raw and elegant.”

The expression of raw elegance is also nurtured out of inspiration from the Nordic nature with it’s fantastic fjells, forests, sharp rivers and lakes. Closely related in it’s language is also the Nordic mythology and especially the god of thunder Thor and his double-hammer, a symbol of strength, determination and ambition to defend his world. TREEM also strongly believe we have to take action and like Thor defend our world – with humanity, love and care for our nature.

“From start I felt TREEM should be unique and inspiring, if the brand and design could strengthen the wearer, then we could create a positive change for real.

I wanted the bracelets to be a reminder to be True and Elegant, sending a message for climate action, equality, and humanity.

I really hope people can be continuously inspired and take steps towards positive change together with TREEM.”

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