Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

Sensible Consumption & Production

The challenge

Our world, nature and wildlife is being challenged by overconsumption and production. Over the last decades, the gradual and faster pace “wear-and-tear” mentality in micro perspective, and the causing of environmental destruction in macro perspective, setting our planet and own future survival at risk.

clean up the oceans

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a chance to stop for a moment and consider our actions and what damages they are causing to our planet. People are in general becoming more aware of the effects of their consumption and are becoming acquainted with the ideas of a more respectful and sustainable way of living and consuming.

What are we aiming for?

TREEM is more than a jewellery brand, all our pieces are designed to spread empowerment to make a difference for the better. We are focused on the story building around our brand and design. Sustainability is in our core – in our foundry we use recycled silver, gradually more recycled gold, in delivery we use ECO certified boxes, pouches and shipping material. 

This is fundamental and us “following” the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable consumption and production, rather in our DNA. To have a healthy balance between a sound social and economic development and sensible production and consumption is tricky, and in this sense we have to be part in creating a mind change. We have several areas where we, directly or indirectly contribute to sustainable development, poverty eradication and the management of natural resources. Just to mention two:

Sourcing material

TREEM’s products are, generally, made out of precious metals such as 18 carat white gold, 18 carat red gold, and Sterling Silver 935. Our Sterling Silver pieces are made from 100% recycled silver, which we are proud of. We gradually and continuously work hard to use a higher and higher degree of recycled gold as well. But the industry is far behind and the way to recycle gold is still complicated and expensive. We are working hard to change mindsets and improve our process to be as sustainable as possible. 


We at TREEM want our impact on the environment to be minimal which is why we are thinking of the whole journey of our product’s life from creation to one day when jewellery might be recycled again. We are, together with the foundry, working on recycling procedures to make sure we use as much as possible of the precious metal. 

What is our Mantra?


With greater awareness about the effects that overconsumption has on our planet and the understanding that our finite resources will eventually deplete, people have started shopping more and more consciously, and are focusing on products of greater quality rather than a large quantity. We at TREEM believe that we all need to focus more both creating and buying quality products that last longer to protect resources and our environment rather than what’s cheap and new. We can also see a shift in consumption where people buy products that can create something positive and have a deeper meaning for them, rather than just superficial beauty. Therefore we see this as the perfect opportunity to share our brand and the change we want to make through our design.

The right choice is crucial for a bright future

Yes, a new and different mantra is beginning to take form in people’s consumption, ‘ buy less, choose well’. We in TREEM love this, as we are working towards the same goal of long-lasting sustainable designs, which will help to make our planet greener and promote sustainable consumption and production amongst the buyers and consumers. Our designs want to inspire a stronger sense of self-esteem, a driving force to break free from old stereotypes and destructive behaviours and make a difference in ethics and sustainability. Also, to say “stop shopping” isn’t going to do the trick, because people will continue to consume, a stronger force is to change people’s minds into being conscious in their shopping.

Who are we?

We are a team of thinkers, innovators and designers who find inspiration in sustainable life through transition and exploration. We create empowering designs which are inspired by real and true stories, real and true nature, real and true heritage.  An earthy palette is complemented by applications that use raw and natural materials, wearing our jewellery makes you feel strong and empowered. The result is our ethical brand channelled into strength to achieve great things. TREEM is aiming to create positive impact through an empowering design, leading to a jewellery wearer who is strong in self-esteem – to make a difference for the world’s greater good – a true and elegant movement. 

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