Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

Note: As an action against fast consumption – we have decided to keep our business closed today Friday the 26th of November.

New Collection -The ARKTIK Earrings

Inspired by the North & South pole

One of our most acclaimed and wanted collections, the prestigious ARKTIK collection which was designed Carl-David, being inspired by the Northern and Southern Poles of the Earth. The beauty in the chilling hemispheres is fantastic, Hagerbonn saw perfection in nature’s inperfection and created the esteemed ARKTIK collection which is composed of two sub-collections, the ARKTIS, the North Pole. The Arctic polar region is geographically the most northern area in the world, and consists of the many glaciers, wild animals and forms part of 8 different countries. 

On the other hand, the other sub-collection is the ANTARKTIS, which is inspired by the most Southern part of the world, and the coldest place in world, also full of glaciers, holds the world’s largest amount of freshwater, and furthermore holds 95% of all the world’s ice. The deeper insight of these beautiful poles and their function for the entire world and it’s weather system led Carl-David to design the ARKTIK Collection. 

These phenomenal Northern & Southern pole areas, with their unique characteristics, inspired Hagerbonnn to deisgn and create jewellery which personified the regions by using angled cuts to symbolise the cold temperatures and the unforgiving environment of these beautiful places. This unique design was then shaped into cuff, ring and earrings to epitomize the North Pole. Whereas, the Southern pole adopted a similar design however on a wider and thicker design to reflect the fact that the Southpole, ANTARKTIS is so much bigger than the ARKTIS. So the ARKTIS slightly thinner and more delicate, and the ANTARKTIS with the cuts to come across in a stronger looking way.

The embodiment of the ARKTIK earrings

Over the past couple of months, the feedback and response to the ARKTIK Collection has been outstanding and overwhelmingly positive, therefore Hagerbonn had a greater aspiration to grow this collection into a complete look. Therefore, today, 11th of October (11/11), our very first earrings will be launched from the ARKTIK Collection, and the date could not be more suitable as it lands on one of the most powerful numbers as it can only be Nr1!

Our new earring collection is composed of 3 sets of earrings all made from recycled 925 silver, handcrafted in Sweden, each sold individually so that you can personalise your own style and combination. The ARKTIS Hoop – a lean band with clean-looking ARKTIK cuts, which hug the lobe of your ear. The ARKTIS Pin – a minimal yet elegant jewel, wear it as a set or combine it with our ARKTIK Collection for the perfect look. Finally, The ANTARKTIS Dangle – the perfect statement piece, wear it alone or pair it with your favourite pieces for a unique and personalised Scandinavian look.

These earrings are made with a lot of love and care, and we hope that when you wear them you feel as though you are wearing a piece of nature on you and we hope that this will empower you internally with strength that will help you feel and look marvelous and powerful. For those of you who already know us, then you know that our core value lies within creating a lifestyle rather than just jewellery. But, for those of you who are newbees, then there is one thing which you should know for sure about us, and that is, we do not fool about, we are 100% aimed towards creating a better world, that is why we make it a point to empower our workers every day and help them develop themselves, we also try and walk the talk by creating jewellery in Sweden through ethically sourced materials and recycled 18K Gold and Sterling Silver 935. However, we are on a path to greatness as we are trying to find new ways to continue encouraging our customers to do greater good to our sweet planet and to society, stay tuned! 

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