Worn for millenniums to show personality & beauty, the necklace is an important symbol of who you are. In our foundry in Sweden, we make our necklaces by hand in silver or gold with an aim that you will be able to show your true elegance through your jewellery, your inside & outside beauty in harmony.

TREEM offers jewelry with a design message – about strengthening Yourself for your own good, but also the world’s best. Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace you are looking for, in silver or gold, the design message is there. The design is inspired by Nordic Nature & passionate meetings. Get inspired by our collections to find the jewelry that gives you strength & determination – the world needs you in your best.

empowering design

All TREEM jewelry, rings, bracelets & necklaces, are unisex – for both men, women & couples, with a focus on being inspirational, sustainable & ethical. In true Nordic design, they are handmade in Sweden to be a unique, exclusive & beautiful jewelry with the ambition to inspire you to be an active & elegant ambassador of positive change.