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Treem delivers privacy not offered in other communication or social media platforms. Treem users control who has access to the information they post and if their posts can be forwarded to others. Our use of our patent pending graphical tree and branch structures empowers users to easily and effectively navigate and control who see communications. Our Business tree which is PIN protected, provides additional privacy, for posts, files shares, and other information users deem most sensitive.


Treem’s patent pending graphical tree design empowers our users to more effectively organize their contacts, posts, files and easily control who views the information they share. These organizational capabilities facilitate sharing information within projects, groups, friends or corporations. Treem’s organizational design eliminates unwanted individuals from viewing information they were unintended to see and provides the ability to securely share important information.


Treem’s “Explore” functionality enables users to integrate their productivity tools, reference materials, news sources, websites and all things digital to their communications. We believe that our users should have access to all the tools they deem necessary within a single platform. Treem is an open platform designed to organize and integrate with all 3rd party products.


While Treem’s organizational capabilities best serve those who work or communicate in groups, we believe users may use Treem to connect with friends and family as well. As such Treem has introduced an awards pool to be shared amongst those users who build the strongest networks using our communication platform. No gimmicks, no financial investment, just use Treem for work or personal use to participate in our Awards program. Click here to view our Award Plan terms.


At Treem we understand that not all communications are created equal. Some are for work, projects, clients or friends. Treem’s patent pending graphical design enables users to quickly organize contacts, teams, groups and ensure communication is sent to those they are intended for.
Treem communications can be set as one-time viewable, to expire after a specific date or be restricted from being forwarded to others. This level of control insures privacy and introduces a more targeted and secure way to communicate and collaborate.
Treem’s messaging capabilities leverage the power of our organizational design. With a single touch a user can initiate messaging with all or some participants of a tree or branch (group). This real-time collaborative messaging is not easily done by competitive communication platforms.
In today’s digital world, users have a wide variety of productivity tools and reference materials they need to utilize, view and share. Using Treem’s Explore capability we empower users to utilize the tools and content they require to communicate effectively.
At Treem we take privacy seriously. In addition to our privacy-based posting and organizational branching capabilities, we have upped the ante on insuring privacy. Treem’s “Business Tree” is PIN protected and designed for those projects, topics or communications that are of the highest privacy. This PIN capability insures the security of your communications in the event your phone, tablet or PC is lost or accessed by others without your permission.
At Treem we believe that those users who utilize our communication platform should benefit from the company’s success. Every Treem user has an opportunity to earn points by using our product. 20% of Treem’s net value at its sale or public offering will be shared amongst those users who helped us most make Treem a success. No gimmicks, no investment, click here to view our Award Plan terms.


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